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Thursday, May 28, 2009

Not the Same as a blog

Ok. This whole give us a 3 minute Faith Sharing 'talk' is not all it's cracked up to be. I start to write it like I do my blog spots then realize "This isn't the same." But it is.....But it's not.... Things read better than they speak. Does that make sense? And sometimes it is easier to share feelings/thoughts better through Cyber world than in front of a fairly large group. We had a meeting last night of the people signed up to be facilitators/table leaders. This is how a BibleFest evening goes. Meet at 6pm, enjoy a meal. 7:00-7:10ish the kids are dismissed to their Bible School. Faith Sharer, Speaker, break, table time, question and answer time with speaker. The facilitator's role for the most part is to help provide guidance during table time, keep people on track (HA!!!! BWAHAAAAHAAAA!!!!!! sorry I just realized that some foolish person actually asked me to take on this role. BWAHAAAHAAA!that crackers me up. me? stay on track? BWAHAAAHAAA!!!!!) :) Where was I? Oh, yeah, we go over questions presented by the speaker, come up with some of our own, whatever. It's really not that bad of a job. This years topic is St. Paul. We have some great speakers. This year Freddy and Walter each have their own night. Last year our little Deacon wanna' bes shared a topic. I am thrilled to get each one on a night. I love these guy! Anyway, I was asked to do a faith share. I asked for Tuesday night so I could get it over with. I have made little notes, thought of things I'd like to cover. Discuss the kind of Catholic I was growing up, typical kid of active parish parents, my journey as a young adult, and now as a mother. I do pretty good...until....I start going all bloggy on myself. This won't sound good. Then I think well just dig back in my dusty college brain and remember some pointers my Speech teacher gave us. We weren't taught to write a speech word for word but to have an outline and stick to that. again...I repeat....BWAHHAAAHHHAAAA!! Yeah, I can't see that going wrong, Amy + Mic + no word for word speech just notes= Amy totally blowing it. Then I keep playing a little something Freddy told me "Well, tell one of your funny stories." OH yeah, what do you want....the spatula clogged toilet, the red faced kid with his head stuck in a baby toilet seat, the kid smeared with Dr. Smith diaper ointment, 2 boys covered completely in mud. The darling who has been lost at Sea World-twice. Or perhaps something medical - the one year old on loopy meds right before kidney surgery was pretty funny, stitches in the chin we called whiskers, oh the kid who swallowed the marble or the other kid who swallowed a marble, how about the broken arm that required emergency midnight surgery, or the time I took a survey of Moms at the preschool to decide if James' should be taken in to have the small gash near his eye stitched or glued? The toy up the nose? Nay.....can't see where that hits on Faith Share.
Should it be more about me or the family? Probably the family. I share my faith by saying 'It's a good thing God made you cute otherwise,.........." Nay, can't see that going over very well.
Any suggestions? I am way to busy stalling to come up with something good. I have blogs to check and games to play and bank accounts to check.
I found myself just a few minutes ago getting teary eyed because I felt like another friend was leaving me. Kim is moving from Ohio to Tennessee. Her packing and moving stories are great. I'm sitting here reading them thinking "She's leaving me too!!!!!! Today I helped take some more of JJ's stuff out to her new home today. She's leaving me!!!! Moving out!!! boooohoooo.....whaaaaa....... little voice.... Amy.....Yes....Kim is a blog friend.....Yes....She and her blog are moving to Tennessee....She will still be your friend. She is still one click away. It's ok..... Oh Yeah!!! I love Kim...I don't want her to leave me. It's ok Amy. She's still here. And Amy....Yes.....JJ is only 15 minutes out of town. SO.....It's ok...She hasn't abandoned you in 35 years she won't leave you now. Ok. Better? I guess. ( Watched French Kiss the other night. Can you tell? ::snort::)
Ok. The moving JJ today brought up an interesting topic. Check out the poll on the side bar and I'll explain more after poll closes.
Tomorrow is last day of school. I'd better get off to bed because as is always predicted the 'Can you bring....' will haunt you til the end. Today at school Audrey's room mom asked if I could bring drinks for the pizza party tomorrow. Sure! I haven't been to the grocery store and don't have bread for sandwiches for the twins, or for that matter anything else for their lunches which will probably consist of a banana and applesauce tomorrow but, ofcourse I'll bring drinks.
So now I will shop tomorrow and be back at school by 11am for more parties. So much for scooting in at 1:15, gathering herd and running like the wind! It's really not that bad. Our Room Mom has done a good job and one of those ladies you don't mind saying yes to.
I'm off to bed. Well, first back to check blogs. I think Kim just put up another post.... gotta check on all my girls and be sure they are all doing well.


An Accomplished Woman said...

Just move to TN.... We would welcome you with open arms.


Nikki said...

Unfortunately, Kim is not just a blog friend to me... I'll do the crying for you! Her move to TN is coming too quickly!!!

Herd Momma said...

Nikki, That's right, I forgot. I am sorry she is moving away from you. My JJ is moving only 15 minutes out of town and it almost feels like loosing a limb. But, I know she is going to still teach at the preschool where I will be next year. Yeah! Blessings friend.

Mythreesons said...

OK I can't believe that I am the only one so far who only uses a towel once? Are these people nuts or am I just a germ a phob. And yes I'm only 15 minutes away on the road you take to see your MOM! Hello! Or do you go through the big city and not cut through???? You have to come see where I hung the pictures and let me tell you about the cabinate story! I'll have to blog it when I get a chance. Maybe tomorrow!

Herd Momma said...

Yes I go through the big city to get to my mom. But, I guess I could change my route. That is when I go to my Mom :) She comes to own often so I don't go out as much as I should. Probably more this summer.
YES, you are the only nut who changes towels every day. I get your thoughts on it but, still go with the your nuts theory.
Did you see Target's ad? Towels and the brown comforter. I should have gone to check for you.