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Sunday, May 24, 2009

Another Weekend to LOVE

Yesterday was a blast. We attended a party for James' Kindergarten Class. The great grandparents of a classmate have a ranch near Ballinger. They have a stock tank that is full of catfish. There is a house with a huge living/dining area, kitchen, a couple of bedrooms and 2 bath. Basketball court, putt putt golf area, nice playground equipment, fishing, llama's to watch. We went on a little hayride. Ate hotdogs and nachos and were just loading up as the rain hit. We didn't catch any fish because we foolishly didn't stop off for worms. We did use weenies! The guys with worms were catching more than us though. I think the same 5-7lber kept getting caught over and over.
I got home in time to clean up and head to the wedding. Very small, very nice. I took 360 some odd pictures in B/W. I will go to Gregg's on Tuesday morning to get a look at them. We will have another wedding on June 13th. This one will be bigger. They are long time clients of Gregg's so he wants to do it up right.
Today we attended Mass at 11a, came home for a lunch of omelets and scrambled eggs. Audrey and I took Hershey to his first class. There was a family there with two small kids and a 1 year old yellow lab. Gorgeous! The bulldog wasn't in class but, will join us next week. I can't wait!! I saw in the paper today there are 3 bulldog puppies for sale. It's a good thing we already got Hershey or I'm afraid of what might have happened. Tom might be out now getting a dog and not a pool. Yep, we are going to get another pool. We were having a 15ft?18ft? discussion when he decided to just go by himself. So the kids and I waited for the rain to slack and headed out to move the trampoline. We now wait to see what size comes home. I don't mind the 18 across it's the 48inches deep that is bad for the twins. If it gets too deep they freak. They measure about 44 1/2 inches tall. Audrey is 54 and William is probably around 48-50.
We are having nice cool weather and I adore it! I have a feeling the rain hasn't stopped for today.
I hope it works for us to go fishing tomorrow. We have a state park here and we can fish without a license from the bank. Tom and I haven't renewed yet for the year so that would be great.
So no big plans for Memorial Day. Just hangin'.
Then Tuesday, let the games begin! In the following post you can see the full schedule. Add to it William's class party at a park from 8:30a-12n. Meet with Gregg to view pictures. Pick up Rx that have been at pharmacy since Thursday. Why haven't I picked them up this weekend? Tom works for the City. We get to use the clinic and take advantage of the cost at the Pharmacy. They both have 8-5, m-f, schedules. I still need to get contacts. probably work in a grocery store trip, end of year gifts for teachers. I know what I am getting just have to get it done. I also want to do some special shopping for a few graduates. Yes, I have known since February they would be graduating and I wanted to do something special. No I am not an on my game person. Yes I enjoy the last minute drain the account of all funds kind of person. I take personal joy in my accomplishment and can't wait to see how far I overdraw us and how much I have to ask Tom to transfer. Because as you know it is the end of May, $$ for gifts, $$ for pizza parties, $$ for summer camp, $$ for this $$ for that.. YIKES-James and I get them something for graduating Kindergarten? No, I don't think we made a huge deal out of it with the other kids. You know it was 3 years since Audrey's and William's was last year so it has been more than one sleep......
No I think the acknowledgement at school, punch and cookies will be enough.
William has a birthday in June - wants a bike. Audrey has a birthday the end of June wants????? She's a girl you know. She'll change her mind 50 times before now and then. Safe to wait.
OH, I have the greatest idea for William's birthday. You know he is busy the whole month with theatre. His birthday is the Monday after Father's Day and the Saturday wedding I have to help at. SO, I'm thinking I will contact several of his friends, have them come about 3:45 on Monday. I bring William home at 4pm. I bring him home for a surprise pool party with friends. What ya' think?
JJ - Aaron, is he available? 4pm til they get tired. I might see about having some stay the night. Still working on that because William has to be at SABA 9am sharp.
Ok, Biscuit is being treated like a stepdoggie and I need to step in. Not fair to take little bit in the front yard and not the big girl too.
I'll get some pics uploaded soon.
Enjoy your Memorial Day!


Mythreesons said...

As far as I know we are open, camp is the 14th-16th so we are going to veg out after that, except for camp St. Luke. Remind me when you get the date set.

Kim H. said...

Amy, you continue to amaze me with how much you get accomplished!!! :)

And you're funny with the bulldog thing -- isn't one puppy enough work?.....

Can't wait to hear all about the Herd adventures of your new pool!!! Post pictures, kay?! :)