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Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Weekend Snapshots

Saturday morning was a bit cool and windy. Our niece Katelyn had her 3rd birthday party a the park. Friday had been hot, Saturday evening was sunny and nice, Sunday was sunny and hot. But, Saturday morning when we were at the park for the party it was cool and windy. THEN....the sprinklers came on! William and Joseph are labs at heart. They are drawn to water just like the breed, cold, muddy, hot, windy, it doesn't matter as long as it is wet.
After lunch we took Hershey to PetsMart to get info on training, a collar. Here he is watching his tag being made.
We went to Wal-Mart for a few things after that. And yes Hershey went in the store too. He stayed in his little clothe bucket Audrey had brought along. We got dog food and a wading pool.
While the kids played in sprinklers and the wading pool with the dogs I cracked out the 20.00 ice cream maker I had bought. William was very interested in the whole process. Remember he is the kid who was very disappointed we didn't win the one at the church festival bingo the weekend before.

IT WORKED! Oh My Gosh! I (I mean WE) did it! It was so very good. I let them all have a spoon full then shoved it in the freezer to share on Mother's Day. It wasn't near as good the next day. Now I know that I can do it I will plan to make and eat right away.

Well other fun things have been happening but, you'll just have to come back to read about them later. I am tired. I have been catching up on friends blogs and finding some new ones.




Kim H. said...

Lots of fun happenings going on over at the Herd! And homemade ice cream -- I think someone's in the running for Mother of the Year! You rock!

And that Hershey -- just adorable!


Mythreesons said...

I love the ice cream. It's really pretty easy. Try it sometime and dump a can of cherry pie filling in it. Yummy! I can't believe your counter!!!!! I was planning on living in denile for the next couple of years! NOW you have a stinking counter counting down our youth!!!!! Hee Hee! Robbi is inviting all the girls to go with her to Vegas for her 40th this year in June. Brian would have a FIT if I went by myself! Besides we are flat broke with the new house stuff!

De'Etta @ Choosing Joy said...

Little boys and sprinklers go together. LOL