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Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Whatya' Think?

Do you like the blinkie on the side? What do you think about my countdown? Pretty good likeness if I do say so myself :)

Oh and you're all in big trouble......Well you girly girls out there whose blogs I must check daily or suffer withdrawals. I have been single parenting since Monday. I once again tip my hat to you wonderful single moms and those of you like Kim who are single mommying it til your family is reunited. KUDOS! You rock. Monday night wasn't so bad. Yesterday I had an eye appt where my eyes were dilated. So afterwards I came home and just laid down and watched tv. I always get a headache from those drops. My reward was a hair appt at 2pm. I had her go a bit shorter with a little more wedge to it. I"ll fix it tomorrow, hopefully, and have Audrey take a pic for you.
Rehab for James at 4pm, t-ball at 6p for the twins. Coach Tom is gone so Team Mom Amy had to be sure all the gear made it to the field. I give hats off and big Kudos to our team dads once again. They rock. (listen to me with all the kudos and you rock. I'm so hip ::snort::)
We had a boy trip running in to the dugout area. He fell and caught his right check bone square on the bench corner. He has a true shiner to sport around town for awhile. Joseph played first base. In t-ball we've been teaching the kids to throw to first, first. Joseph has waited all season to play first. This could go really good or really bad. We weren't really bad but, it wasn't good either. Twice he threw his glove down and marched off the field. For some reason those runners just wouldn't stop even with Joseph standing on the base with his arms out stretched. Poor guy, he was so consumed with wanting the runners to slow down he had no idea where the ball was. The second time he came off the field my friend Stephanie D. intercepted him. I tried to talk to Joseph but when he looked me in the face with that pit bull stubborn look of his and said "I'M NOT PLAYING BASEBALL." and looked like he was about to take a bite out of my head I turned to Stephanie "He's all yours." and left them. Do you have friends like this in you life? If you don't, get some. I have several and I adore them all. "It takes a village!" Or as in our situation it takes a large gathering of cattle wrestlers with whips and cattle prodes to reign in this Herd sometimes. (That large gathering of Guardian Angels is a wonderful blessing as well.) Glad one of my wrestlers was handy to step in. Love ya' Steph!
Ok, so that done we get home, unload and get to bed. We had a small thunderstorm last night with lightning, thunder, and rain. Audrey and puppy ended up in my bed around 2am.
I worked at the preschool today. Cravings for a baby flared up a bit when Alex, in the 3 year old room, was showing off his new baby brother. Those little feet, that sweet baby smell aaawwwwww......then GET OFF THE TABLE. No sir we don't throw cars. You there, stop coloring on her paper. And little Sally did you just eat that cracker out of the trash? Baby craving...gone!
We had the teacher/staff appreciation dinner today from the parents organization. They went all out. The food was wonderful. I had to leave a bit early because I had promised the kids Hershey would come a bit early to visit their classmates at the end f school. I then talked to Sutton's mom and made arrangements for Sutton to visit this afternoon. He is a friend/classmate of William's. They just bought a house in the next block. So very very close. The boys have been about to burst wanting to go to each others houses. So we had that. Well, Ally walked down to get Sutton, who was upset to see her because we were all putting on shoes to walk down and see his new house. Anyway, I gave Ally a tour of my house. Shh....if Tom knew I let a person in to tour our home in it's current state of total filth, unorganization, yuck, he'd pass out. Anyway, we are in the house looking around when Joseph comes in to report (he's quite proud of himself by the way) We're on the House! Oh No You're not! Out the door I go. Well! Audrey and William and apparently Joseph have figured out that when Mom pulls the truck up just part way under the carport they can open it, get on the roof of the truck (2003 red Ford Expedition. my baby) and get on the roof! Yep. Mommy not so happy. Mommy learn lesson. No parky truck like that when she know kids playing in driveway. AUGH.
So we sent Ally home, got on our shoes and walked the boys, the daughter, the dogs, down to Sutton's new house so he could show us around. We also wanted the rest of their family to see Hershey.
They have a nice house and we are excited to have them so close. Fun Summer ahead.
So back to my, You are in trouble statement. I have been on the computer way way way too long, it's time for the hubby to get back. He'll be in tomorrow. So my long breathless post must now be put to bed. Just so many thoughts and happenings running through me that I have to share!
Love ya!


An Accomplished Woman said...

I love your countdown button. It is awesome!! Hang in there,


Therese said...

I LOVE the countdown! Of course, I still have a little OVER a year to go!