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Monday, June 1, 2009

First Monday of SUMMER!

YEAH! It started at 4am this morning when I was sound asleep with no weird dreams and William came in to inform me the house was about to blow away. A thunderstorm had blown in and he was freaked. He always sleeps through these things but, I guess since he was sleeping on the floor with the others it woke him up. Anyway, I'm sure it was after 5a when I went back to sleep.
We will start our Summer this week with 9:30a swim lessons M-TH for the twins. And BibleFest nightly from 6p-9p. FYI - the talk is fairly complete and times out at 5 minutes. Go figure.
William auditions tomorrow morning at 9am - a little prayer for him would be nice. We will probably learn part Thursday night at the cast meeting.
Audrey in her class play about Texas. It was really cute. Texas PRIDE shines!
William's teacher is awesome. She made folders for each child with pictures of their year. the cost of the printer cartridge alone must be high not to mention the time it took. We love our book and will treasure it.
Happy Summer William! Moving on up to 2nd Grade!

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An Accomplished Woman said...

Oh the first days of summer, VBS and swim lessons. Can I be young again?

Have a wonderful week.