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Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Let the Summer Fun Begin!

The boys decided they want to 'redo' their room. They want a Cars, Mickey Club House, Pirate room. Yeah, we're working on that. I informed them that before any 'redo' was going to take place a major clean up at to be first. Yesterday they worked at getting the junk up off the floor. Today the worked on then getting it up off the closet floor. For some reason Mom didn't go for the shove it in and run theory. We then cleaned the floors and started on the walls. During the school year a permanent marker had been used to draw targets on the wall. There are still tons of chipped wall spots. I don't really want to repaint their room right now so we are going to see what we can do to make this work. Rehanging pictures will help some.
I'll keep you updated on the progress.
Swim lessons started Monday and the twins are doing great. I really love the teacher and teaching method at the YMCA. BibleFest started Monday as well. We go at 6pm and don't leave til 9pm. We eat a meal then send the kids off for their Bible School and the adults have theirs. Last night was my Faith Share. I finally just wrote it with one focus-my faith and my kids, and then wrote it out (not an outline too many options for me to get off track) like I was writing a blog post. It worked great. I have had many people tell me how much they liked it. Yeah!
Yesterday William had his audition for the Beauty and the Beast performance the drama camp will put on the end of the month. He found out this morning he is a teacup and a village child. YEAH! He doesn't seem overly thrilled but, I think once he sees the bigger kids in the main roles he'll understand. The people involved all seem real nice so he should do great and learn alot
Remember last week I went to the graduation of the last grandkid on my Daddy's side? Reece is baby #13. He has 3 older brothers and Randall is Mine. He was born when I was about 11 years old and I always loved playing with him. Well here he is. He is currently at MIT. I'm sure it is all my influence in his younger years. All those mohawks I made out of his adorable blonde curls! :)
And this is Reece, our baby. He plans to attend A&M and study Electrical Engineering. His Daddy is an Aggie so I can't hold that against him.
Big difference in the picture taken by Audrey and the one taken by another of the cousins who is a bit taller.


Mythreesons said...

Yep we are offically old when your baby cousin is that tall and old! I can't get over how everyone else keeps growing up. Why don't we????

Kim H. said...

Congrats to two fine gentleman -- and Amy, you look great, as always! :)