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Monday, June 15, 2009

So much So much!

We have had a fair bit going on the last few days. We had William's surprise party on Friday. He was really surprised. He saw he Moms hanging out and was a bit confused. Then the boys popped up in the pool and yelled Surprise.
We had some drama with the bikes. We ran over some goat heads in the park. We were bummed that the tires didn't hold up better than they did. Tom worked with the 3 big bikes for two days getting new tubes in them. Augh. Bikes have so many gadgets and gears it can be a bit crazy sometimes. Then Thursday on his way to get another tube he rear ended a car. They stopped and he didn't have time to. No one was hurt. His air bag didn't go off but, the estimate so far to fix the car is $6,000. We have insurance so all that is being worked out. Augh.
Saturday morning the twins had a party for a friend down the block. It was alot of fun. The day was sweltering. We came home then and all got in our pool. I had to dress and go to a wedding for pictures at 5:00. I tried to do a better job this time. But, for some reason I get so many blurred pics on Gregg's Nikon. He went out of town yesterday so it will be awhile before I get a chance to see them or hear what he has to say about them.
Hershey had class yesterday and he is doing well. Biscuit needs training too. I need to go out with Audrey and we each work with a dog.
I have tons of laundry to work on and a kitchen to clean. I don't want to. I want to sit here and play with pictures and read blogs etc.... But, I guess I'd better get moving.
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An Accomplished Woman said...

Oh my, you guys are really busy.

Have a fantastic week.


Kim H. said...

Amy, your posts just exhaust me! :)

Thank God no one got hurt with the fender bender -- and I'm glad it's going to get worked out with the insurance.

Stay gool, girlfriend!