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Saturday, July 11, 2009

Hair Cut!

I enjoyed my time with Judy. I am really liking the short slightly stacked in the back cut. William took this picture. augh. I wanted him to try again but after taking mom's picture 4 times you have to just go with the best. He had more important things to do. I had also been laying on the couch for awhile before taking the picture. These are all excuses I'm coming up with to make myself believe I don't really look this bad. ::snort::
Tom had emergency at work and his cell was at home. The employee clinic is across the street from city hall so I stopped in when I took the phone down. The nurse snickered when I asked about the x-ray. Um..Amy if it wasn't 'major' do something right now. The report probably won't get here til Monday afternoon. Who knows what the foot problem is. The swelling was worse on the bottom last night. I've decided to go back to my ignore it, it will go away philosophy. Same for the neck. Woke this morning to realize I must have rolled over on to my right side at some point then slept that way awhile. Guess when Dr.H said don't do that he was serious. Neck hurting a lo more this morning. So, I'll go take a shower, do my neck exercises in there, take a few hand fulls of aleve and muscle relaxers. :) (just joshin' I'll just take one hand full. ::snort::)
And go about my day. It looks nice outside right now. I think I'll go see what I can do.
Kids are making me nuts but, I'm going to ignore them too!


Therese said...

Very cut cut!!! Take care of yourself and don't overdo it!

Aussie Therese said...

I really like it too.

Carylon said...

Love the haircut, & I think it's a great picture :)