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Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Updating our life

Hi all. My foot is tons better. Official report from the radiologist is that there are no fractures/breaks/cracks. The swelling is better, only some at night. So ????? I guess we'll just watch it. My shoulder is better. There haven't been anymore of those nerve twinges. Thank goodness. Those weren't nice. I can't lift my right arm up straight up and lay it on my head. I can my left but not my right. It's weird. If I grab it with my left and pull it up it works but then drops down to a kind of 1/2 raised pose when I let go. Makes for a fun side show performance. :) Saw the chiropractor yesterday and he adjusted some more. It is getting better and better. A pinched nerve is not fun.
Due to a test that came back a bit high. Well, alot high. The sed rate is to be between 0-20. Mine was 66. They have referred me to a rheumatologist (sp?). I am now waiting for them to get it, respond, call, etc....... Willing it away has been working well for me and am feeling loads better. So that is the Rx I've given myself. Stop whinning, get off your butt, put down the crochet more often and don't play on the computer so much.
Audrey has started another session of ballet intensive for the summer. She is liking it. She has been the only Junior Company member attending so far. This is a two week session M-TH, 10a-12n. William has an appt at the DDS this morning. He has a permanent bottom tooth coming in behind his babies. And his babies aren't wanting to give it up. He just turned 8 and hasn't lost a tooth yet! He has always been my DDS kid. At about age 3 he threw a hissy in the office when I was paying for Audrey's appt. A lady walked by and said "Oh, he doesn't like the Dentist?" "No, he's made that today isn't his appt." Only kid I've seen who was taken kicking and screaming Out of the DDS office. Please join me in praying that this mornings experience doesn't damper his love of the DDS.
My sister is coming tomorrow evening from VA. She will be here for only a long weekend. She has to get back to work. Her son, 4 years old, will be here for another 10 or so days with Grandma & Grandpa. We are all looking forward to seeing them.
Computer time is getting long. Better get off. Hugs to all.

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