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Saturday, July 25, 2009


HI! Progress is beginning, be it ever so slow, on the living room, again. However, I find myself in the dining room cleaning out the china cabinet and buffet. (?? go figure) We got to measuring things and thanks to my husband's patience he kept finding things to measure to help me understand the size, shelf spacing etc... of the built in shelves he is planning to put in the living room. In measuring spacing in the china cabinet ,eeewwww, we noticed how neglected it all was. HA! Project! Then I decided to clean out the buffet and get rid of extra vases, etc.... AND make room for my liquor! It has been under the cabinet in the kitchen and very hard to get to. (Like I drink all the time. Not!) Anyway, come to find 5 bottles of various 'hey let's try this' stuff that had become less than desirable to ingest.
Ok. The HELP. I have found that I have lots and lots and lots of cloth napkins. Some linen with a K embro......oh, let me get a picture.....

ok, there are the 2 white cotton with fringe, 4 square pretty embroidered, 6 fruit, ??with the K, some burgundy, 12-15 fancy cream, 2 nice green. Have any of you ever made things with napkins? angels? ornaments? crosses? ????? any ideas? or keep the K's and the little square ones and sell the rest in a garage sale? let me know.

Well, I do have a table covered with dishes and nick nacks I'd better get to. And I still want to post this same question on FB. So away I go.

xooxo Amy


Kristen said...

Okay, I am trying to remember if the picture of the boys you posted was from Mrs. Kim's class or not. If it is, I have the class picture from that year hanging on my refrigerator. How funny would that be.

Herd Momma said...

I think it is that year! The date on the picture was 2005. They would have been 2 years old.