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Sunday, July 26, 2009

Feeling left out

I have entered the school age phase of parenting. Kids have become more independent, responsible. I am able to let them go outside and play without too much worry. They can get up in the morning, get waffles, and not disturb me if it's a sleep in morning. This is good. I miss the baby days sometimes but am happy with the phase of family growth.
BUT, all my bloggy friends are pregnant! Therese is due in September, Nikki recently found out she's pregnant, now Aussie Therese! I am so happy for all of them. Kim, who just moved to Tennessee has 4, her youngest is 3 (maybe 4). She is not pregnant. Are you?
Several young ladies from my home town, who I use to babysit, have graduated college, have good jobs and got married this summer. ;;sigh;;
I am blessed with my 4. I enjoy my moments with them. Feeling a little nostalgic this morning, I guess.


Therese said...

Oh sweetie! I wish you were right with us!!! I have actually been feeling sad-because I am almost done this time...I know I get the joy (and sleeplessness) of a newborn, but I love being pregnant!

Kristen said...

If you need a little one to make you feel better, I can laon you Zach. He is almost 20 months and hasn't gotten totally out of the needing Mommy phase.

Aussie Therese said...


Christopher will be just about 5 when this baby comes. I was starting to believe we wouldn't have anymore. Here I am though 12 weeks along and feeling really really blessed.

Margie said...

ummm...dropping off my 9 month old and my just turned 3 year old BOY at your house tomorrow!!!