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Friday, July 31, 2009

The List!

88 pencils, 6 large pink erasers, 12 spiral notebooks, 6 boxes of crayons, 6 boxes of markers, 8 boxes of tissues, 23 pocket folders with brads, 2 purple without brads, 10 bottles of glue, 3 packages of notebook paper, 4 pairs of scissors, 2 red pens, 1 black/blue pen, and a jump drive! That's the jest of our school supply list. some paper plates, baggies, hand sanitizer, ruler and we should be set.

Now, I understand the need to be specific ex. box of 16 crayons, box of 8 basic color markers. I understand requesting Crayola brand over RoseArt. But, what's wrong with a box of 24 crayons and a box of 10 markers? Can I buy 20 bottles of 4oz glue to make up for the 10 8oz that I couldn't find? I'm about to. I haven't been to HEB, our grocery store, yet to work on getting those things Wal-Mart didn't have. If I'm not successful then I might try Target but, I don't enjoy hunting for things. Anything-black pants, tennis shoes, white top, etc.... I love to shop but, not hunt! I think I will get the boxes of 24 and 10 and tell the teacher to just throw away the 8 crayons she doesn't like and the 2 markers she doesn't care for! Now, I know they say this so that they don't end up with 64 crayons and small fine tipped markers. The folders are always fun. 2 purple, 2 green, 2 blue, 2 red.......... OH and the 8x6 supply box. William needs an 8x6 supply box not 6x4. Guess what size they have at wal-mart.....yep....6x4.

Ok, now that my little tyraid is over I can get on with things.

Know what this is?

This! is my built in shelf unit! YES! It does exist.....No it is not a figment of our imagination. And now that the final drawing is done and the assembly is in has DRAWERS! ooooohhhhh...aaaaaahhhhhh... There are 3 shelves on each side. A large opening in the middle for a picture and below that will be 4 drawers.
There is even a drawing of the wall it will go in.....ooohhhh.....aaaahhhhh......
I have tackled taping and mudding the inside and outside corners of the walls already drywalled and haven't done too bad of a job.

We have an open weekend this weekend to work. Next weekend I have another workshop for school. The 14-17 Tom will be gone. The 21-22 I will be gone to the Women of Faith Conference in Dallas, I can't wait!. Kids will then start school on the 24th. I will have that week to work on the house without kids around and before I have to report to 'work' at the preschool. Preschool doesn't start til after Labor Day.

One last thing to report on before Audrey takes over the computer. I had my dr. appt with the rheumetologist on Wednesday. He was really nice and helpful. He said we aren't going to worry about the high sed rate just yet. He took more blood to check the rate again. He also called for a crp(?) test to check the sed rate against. He gave me a Rx for an arthritis type drug to help 'calm all this down'. Help relieve some of the aches, cramping, etc..... I've been experiencing. The long and short of it is Suck it up lady. You're turning 40 soon, you have 4 kids, you crochet and like the computer, deal with it! Well Audrey and her friend are back and I have to leave. take care and happy weekend.

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Margie said...

HILARIOUS!!! I always pick up a school supply list just to see what crazy items they want. Hey you can get free glue sticks at Office Depot this week. However, they are not brand name....doesn't matter over here..ha!