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Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Zoo Trip

Our trip to the Abilene Zoo. We had a great time with my mom and nephew. You can see in the pictures that James and Joseph still have their Mario and Luigi hats. They are obsessed. You will also notice the letter fell off William's hat. Don't strain to read what it says, I'll tell you. Lonesome Pecker Emu Ranch. It was a kind of joke hat a friend of Tom's had made many years ago when the great Emu ranchers started going belly up. Raising emus was the new hot thing in the late 90's. But it didn't turn out to be the cash crop expected and only a few survived. I don't think Gary has any anymore, I don't know. But we have a cap to commemorate the experience. It is also the only purple hat we have. Enjoy.

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1 comment:

De'Etta @ Choosing Joy said...

What a fun zoo trip. I wish we'd made time to see the renovations.

We fly tomorrow! Pray for uneventful!!!! I want BORING! LOL