Christmas 2013

Saturday, July 18, 2009

More updating

Wednesday morning William had 4 teeth pulled. He did very well. His love of going to the DDS was not squelched at all. Yeah!

Joseph is patiently waiting the beginning of school. He decided last night to get back into practice. The pets and Little Einsteins were very cooperative students. Brother James, not so much.
My sister and her son are here visiting. Beth has to return quickly to get back to her job. She has a job she loves at a law firm but, since she hasn't been there for a full year yet she doesn't get as much time off. Her son will be staying for a little over a week and then Grandma will fly back to VA with him. There are 4 boys and one girl. And what are they playing at Grandma's house? Tea Party!
These are for Therese. OREO BALLS!! Not bad for my first attempt. Some turned out better than others. I think it was the chocolate I used for dipping.


Therese said...

Those certainly look yummy! Recipe??? I was hoping that when you said "for Therese" that meant that they were heading north! LOL! The recipe would be great though, because they look so yummy!

Aussie Therese said...

oh. I thought they might be for me. Maybe she can send some to both of us Therese.