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Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Prayers for my Friends!

I am asking for you all to pray for my friends the Goeckers. They are currently in Seattle area. Mike is an Air Force Chaplain. The family is on their way to their assignment in Japan. They left here in their 12 passenger van several weeks ago. They meet up with friends and spent time with family on their way up. The day before they were fly out their van was stolen. They are a family of 11. Yes, 9kids. The 4 adult kids are staying in the states in OR and TX. They were all in Seattle for fun/fellowship/send off. Now luggage, precious items, and most important very important paperwork is gone! They had the van packed when it was stolen. They are not a careless family. The van was locked. The van has been recovered but, nothing inside. Mike's day of report to duty was extended so he didn't have to leave on Tuesday. He is there to help De'Etta with the process of getting birth certificates and passports. Because of military travel etc.... there are many steps and hoops to deal wit to get new info.
Thanks to a local news report on them the van was recovered and the family has received an out pouring of support in the form of letters/$/food/games etc.....
God's hand is in all this. There is a reason/purpose for them to endure this trial. I am waiting and watching and praying as we wait for the events to unfold.
Their blog is Choosing Joy on my sidebar if you want to follow their adventure.
I realized this morning that it is through De'Etta that I met Michelle. Michelle's blog led me to Embracing Motherhood blog which led me to Aussie Therese and then to Therese, Nikki, Corine, Kim and others. I have come to value these friendships. Sometimes so much to the point I feel they live right next door!
Thanks for lifting my friends up.


Aussie Therese said...

I actually started following DeEtta from here Amy. I have been praying and think that God has some amazing work for them in Japan.

Margie said...

HELLOO. Forgot to mention ME who introduced you to De, who through her you met so and so and so and so and so and so....JEEZZ