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Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Day TWO!

So, when is our first school vacation? They couldn't even wait 3 days before getting back to their usual morning routine. I don't want to eat this.... where's my shoes..... I hate my hair..... I'm not combing my hair..... He Has My DS!...... I'm not eating lunch at school....... Don't pack that!.....

And before I could even get the following second day of school pics posted the phone rings and .....SAISD..... Which kid is in Mrs. Elliott's room......Joseph.... (said slowly and cautiously....because yesterday wasn't so terribly great....) He has diarrhea.. Whew!
So I grab two changes of clothes, wipes and head out the door.
He's a bit nervous of it happening again so I brought him home. augh!
But at least he went to school with a good spirit today!
Audrey, James and William in the background going to school behind the yellow tape. :(

Our school is getting some much needed remodeling and upgrading. So hoping the front office can be moved back soon. That will help ALOT.

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