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Monday, August 31, 2009

He's in!

Saturday was filled. William had is audition at 9am. Audrey had a b-day party to attend at 11:30, we all got to go to that one. Then William attended a party at 3:30. That night Tom and I went out with JJ & Brian to celebrate Brian's 40th. Yesterday was registration at church for all the different activities/organizations. Yesterday afternoon I crashed and am now wishing I had gotten more done. I am off to school this morning. In-Service starts today. And then I have a feeling Mindy is going to put me to work.
gotta run hair is still in a towel.
Oh, yeah! William got in! He will be in the urchin chorus, a school child, and a party child. He is excited. We have a meeting tomorrow night at rehearsals start next Tuesday. Dates for the performance of Scrooged is Dec 11-13. More later.
Most likely the kids will be selling tickets again so if would like to attend please let us know and William will take care of your order. For Beauty and the Beast he was the second highest in ticket sales and got $50.00!

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