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Thursday, September 3, 2009

Second Week

The second week of school hasn't been without it's little dramas. Last night Audrey had a mini breakdown about her Social Studies. When I encouraged her to work on it even though it was getting late she calmed a bit and went to her room to work. Only to come back in 2 minutes with another mini breakdown. She had the wrong book. She had to finish coloring and labeling the states. I was ashamed that I couldn't help much with the interior states. I know they are there and their general location but get a few mixed up here and there. Anyway. I walked in and talked to teacher today and all is well. She has had both ballet classes this week and enjoying being back at it. William had his cast meeting Tuesday. He looked at me and asked which urchin he is. I didn't realize there are parts for Urchin 1, 2, and 3, speaking lines. He is just in the 'chorus'. He seemed ok with that. I think he understands but when he gets busy he should be ok. We had a teacher meeting at church. I am now very nervous about being able to pull off the Stations this year. And I not only have the big kid stations, tweaked, but also the little kids. AAWWW::: :O
Envelopes for Parent Organization membership keep coming in from the school. The throw my in-service for the preschool on top of it. I was responsible for getting library that use to have it's own room, organized into 12 tubs on 6 shelves. It really came around ok. We had Meet the Teacher tonight and I became alot more excited about being at the preschool this year as a 'real' employee. Our teachers have worked so very very hard. They not only had to get their rooms in order they had to clean them too! The big Big BIG kind of clean. Our janitor baled two weeks before school starts. AUGH! We are all hoping the church hires somebody and SOON.
Today was picture day at school. I encouraged the kids to lay out clothes last night. I asked and the twins agreed to wear their overalls. They were very excited about it. This morning Joseph decides, No I'm not going to wear them. JOSEPH, the kid who hounded me all over town looking for them. Why!? Star Wars don't wear overalls. Are you kidding me? Just when I think we are on smooth sailing with this one woop, he changes. Don't try getting a step ahead of him. It's a struggle to just try to stay instep with him.
Tonight after meet the teacher and picking up Audrey at ballet I came home and cleaned out the truck and started packing. Tomorrow our Girl Scout troop with only 4 of our girls, are going to Austin tomorrow. Saturday to Houston and a sleepover at NASA, Sunday a tour and back to Austin, Monday home. whew.... what a trip this will be. The troop leader and her husband are going. Her granddaughter is in the troop. Then another grandmother is coming along with her granddaughter, Audrey and I and then one other girl. The others backed out either because it was a long trip without mom, dropped the troop or have other obligations. I will attempt to update blog but I"m sure I will update facebook.
So with all that said I will sign off. I am enjoying a Martini (cheers Kim! (you too Nikki and Therese even though you can't really have one you preggies.. :))) and am now going to make new name tags for the teachers cubbies at school.

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