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Thursday, August 20, 2009

Last morning of snoozing in......

Well, it's over. My last morning of snoozing in for awhile. :( Tomorrow I have to be up and at JJ's church by 8:30(ish) so we can leave on the bus by 9am. We're off to Dallas for the Women of Faith Conference. Watch Facebook for all those WOW I"m Here !!! I'm Here!! post.
I love going on trips with 'tha girls'. My BFF and our friend Pam and one of my new friends Amy are all rooming together. I can't wait! And we'll get to see Mandisa!!
School starts Monday AND any plans to come home and veg were dashed. PTO (parent teacher organization) board members are asked to stay and help prepare first day of school packets. AUGH! I get to spend probably atleast 2 hours if not more, at school stuffing envelopes then have 4 of the little darlings come home to me for filling out at 3pm. :(
Well lots to do today to get ready to be gone. Tomorrow I will miss meet the teacher day. PLEASE PRAY FOR MY MOM! She is taking the kids and their goodies.yike. hopefully her friend will be able to go along. Tom has tried to get away but tomorrow is a crucial contractors in town day.
Well I'm off. HUGS!


Kristen Griffin said...

Have fun at the Women of Faith Conference. I have been a couple of times, the last time madison was around two. It was an awesome experience. I truly loved listening to Sheila Walsh talk and sing. Enjoy youself!!!

De'Etta @ Choosing Joy said...

Ah, the lazy days of summer have come to an end. Enjoy Women of Faith.....I've always thought it would be fun to attend.