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Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Back to School wrap up

School Supplies: check

School clothes: check

Haircuts: check (well Mommy and Audrey. twins will visit the backyard chop shop tomorrow :) )
William took the pictures.

Tom had a nice trip to Laughlin over the weekend. I so very much enjoyed the mini-retreat I attended at my church. Rita McCarthy was the presenter and she walked us through Lectio Divina and gave us tips for journaling. I loved it!! Do you journal with you Bible reading? How do you do it? More like a diary? dialog with God/Jesus/Mary? We did a kind of dialog. Read a passage using the Lectio Divina techniques. Then whatever work or phrase jumped at us we journaled with it. Asking Who, What, Where, When, Why questions. Say the word was forgiveness. Then you close your eyes, breathe, focus on the word and whatever comes to mind you write. Say you feel God is telling you to Forgive. You might write Forgive who? Then he tells you 'your teacher' . You might ask how or something about how it's hard. Then it just works together. If you want to visit more about it we can Chat at Facebook or e-mail me.
Or if you're local I'd be happy to visit with you.
I had so much fun.
Audrey and I enjoyed our haircuts today. Hers is a lot shorter and straight. But she says she's willing to put the effort in to keep up the look. Tory really thinned it out too. Audrey and I are blessed with very thick hair. I wouldn't trade it for the world but, oh it feels so much better when we get it thinned out. The boys were super good in the waiting area for an hour! I promised them we'd go on a hunt for overalls when we were done. You'd think that West Texas city in the middle of nowhere, surrounded by farms and ranches would have stores with overalls. Nope. The feed stores were blank. The western wear stores were blank. Even Academy was blank. They did say they might get some when it gets farther into the Fall. So we came home and I got online. Sheplers, Cabelas, etc... have them....want 35.00-40.00 for them. NOT! when I need 3 pairs. And I'm not sure how dedicated they are to wearing them. But, I can find several on ebay. So I have an excuse to take up one of my all time favorite hobbies....bidding on e-bay. ba wa haaaa haaa haaa.

Well time to get my hinny in gear. I am so sucking the life out of our last week of summer. And counting down the days til Friday when I leave for Dallas. Women of Faith Conference!!!! My first time to go.

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Kim H. said...

Okay, look how organized you've got everything -- even the kleenex boxes made it in to the photo. I'm so impressed!

And look at the all the school clothes laid out. Man girl, you are good!

And love, love, love the haircuts!

But the name "backyard chopshop" cracked me up!!!!