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Sunday, August 9, 2009

Paint Job

Well........I think he liked it. He came home Thursday, later than he wanted to, tired, and sick. Then had a green office sprung on him. Thank God for JJ. She helped me paint, get it all moved back in and while I worked on the little stuff she cleaned the glass door, mopped my kitchen floor, cleaned off the bar and dusted the living room! NO Kidding! She is totally the Bestest BFF EVER! I am such a looser friend. I totally have to find ways to repay her. I will put in writing here.... I here by promise my pledge to help JJ in her class room the week all our kids go back to school before we are required to be at school for reals. Here's my blood seal pledge. *
Audrey was insistent on helping so I let her roll a few times.
Well, what do you think? We didn't paint the baseboards because we will be putting down new floor and I figure we might replace them or at the least they will require some sanding. And we didn't do the ceiling yet because it will match whatever we do in the living room. As you can see we still have a long way to go there. Tom was shocked by the green because he said we hadn't discussed it. And I guess we had really 'discussed it' I kind of told him I liked it and that's what I'd like to do (6 months ago. :) ) He thought we were going a dark tan in the office and lighter tan in the living area. I kind of forgot that part. And the lighter tans I've brought home to look at all turn pinkish or weird in all the daylight in the living room. Tom just doesn't like DARK. I tell him, 'It's not DARK....It's masculine, strong, rich.' unfortunately he is wise to my ways and doesn't really buy it. It's the truth but he knows I'm trying to play a mind game as well.
I attended a workshop all day yesterday, Saturday. Learned alot. I was in a social/emotional workshop, dyslexia, and autism. Came home with all kinds of free website addresses, on line evaluations, and am ready to line up the kids and run them through a battery of test. During the autism class I kept looking at JJ going """That's James! That's James! That's William!" """ Came home, had to take Tom to the doctor because well, he's a man and sinus pain is not tolerable. This evening I will review my materials and look over the evaluations and them make my diagnosis. :) At least have some ideas how much I need to worry.
Ok. Better get hopping. Kids and I need to get to church. Tom is really hurting and miserable.


Mythreesons said...

You are so funny! I still really like the walls. I think if we ignore him long enough he will like it too maybe! Hee Hee I'll take you up on the offer to set up my room though! I'm not planning on going up much at all until the bathroom is done. Too much construction and dust.

Kim H. said...

OH MY GOSH -- Amy, the two of us are kindred spirits. I miss now that Leo hardly travels because I can't surprise him with any household projects I wanted to tackle while he was away.

I do like the green though. You're a handy little beaver! You go girl!

Kim H. said...

Oh, and I hope Tom is feeling better. Sinus pain is the WORST! I'm hoping moving out of Ohio will help me with that. Oiy!

Marilena said...

my husband likes green. we had green walls in the house we used to own as he painted them deep green. problem with that was, the house was well shaded, so it didn't let in the light, and you couldn't see the nice paint job:D