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Wednesday, August 12, 2009


Ok. I have been thinking on this for some time and want some opinions.
Saving Grace....Yes, Saving Grace the TV show on TNT. I saw the first episode and swore it off. Caught a couple of bits of shows through the first season and was, well, not interested a bit! For some reason, maybe I was in a funk and there wasn't anything else on, I don't know but I saw the last show of the season when the guy in prison died. I started watching from there on. Something Earl the angel said hit me. No, I can't remember what it was but, I was interested. I feel odd rambling making no sense at all coming on. So I won't even try to type out some of my thoughts on this. What I want to know, is do any of you watch this show? How do you feel about Earl? How do you feel about Grace? I'm not a big fan of some of the 'acting'. I really don't like her life style but, as I watch her deal with Earl and Earl deal with her ....I think I'm getting a message but, don't understand it. augh!
Please don't think ill of me for watching this show. I am starting to think there is a purpose behind it. Especially for people who don't have a very strong Christian faith. They aren't likely to watch Highway to Heaven or that Roma Downey show that was on. But, they do watch crude, beer drinking, tough cop shows. hmm......
In my thinking on this I did one of the things I hate the most. Research on-line. I know what I want to find out but, trying to get it can be extremely difficult, for me. BUT, I did find interview with Nancy Miller the creator of the show. ....... Creator Nancy Miller, a practicing Catholic, sees "Saving Grace" as her chance to explore the ways faith, religion, sin, and choices intersect with each other. Her faith sometimes complicated her work on the show, she tells Beliefnet, in an interview that also touched on the angels she sees living all around us, and her belief that God is a healer, not a rule enforcer go
here for more of her interview.
Ok, thanks. I'm going to keep on this and see where it leads me.

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