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Friday, September 18, 2009


I hate that when I get computer time i go to facebook so much. I do like facebook and keeping up with people there but my bloggy world has always been so much more special to me. I get to 'farmin' and gamin' ' on facebook and waste time like you wouldn't believe.
So new first then facebook. besides I have facebook on the blackberry and it's easier to access than the blog. so duh?!
And Preschool is kicking my hinny or tushy or bottom or whatever term is appropriate for whichever class I might be in during the day. At home or in the sanctity of the workroom away from little ears. Preschool is kicking my butt! I nearly wet my pants the other day because I didn't have time to get to a potty. Then when I did the 2 year olds were washing up for lunch. I had to run down the hall to get to the next potty.
I truly love my job. Those cutie pututties are just too much. And boy do they make me happy that mine are all potty trained and I can pick them up from school on a Friday, go home, throw some cereal at them, threaten them, and crash on the sofa. They were all pretty tired from a long week too.
Tonight we attended a football game at my home town. I love those small town games. You can send your 6 year old to the concession stand and not worry about it. Next week we plan to attend my nephew's (on Tom's side) game at another small town near us. Guess who they are playing? Yep, my home town. And it will be homecoming.
We had open house at school Tuesday. We got there at about 10 til 6pm. It started at 6pm. It was crazy cramming into the lunchroom. Well, we never made it in. Then visited 4 rooms. We didn't even have William with us he as at rehearsal for Scrooged. So we saved his room for last. I saw his stuff, talked to his teacher..... At 7pm the principal comes on the speaker. Thanks the parents for coming and says we are calling it a night. Like really. The they wanted to go home after being at school for 12 hours and needing to be back by 7:30a then next morning. Really.
I have always respected teachers and boy after my 8:30-1:30 (usually nearly 2:30) day, three days a week. I totally bow down before them.
The teachers my kids have this year are really great matches for them. I am so glad. I worry every year and every year God takes care of it.
I am super tired and am off to bed. I hope I can get a smilebox made of our pics at NASA with the girl scouts.

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