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Saturday, September 12, 2009


Hi all. Guess it's been a while. Audrey and I had a great time at the Space Center in Houston. I have lots of pics to go through and will make a smilebox. Hopefully today when I get computer time. We will be locked in today. It has rained for 2 days. The preschool teachers were starting to climb the wall by noon yesterday. The first week went relatively well. Mindy the director has left the other floater and I to plan our own schedule. At first I thought YEAH! I can work a break in and lunch by myself. HA! Wednesday and Friday I finally got my lunch out of the too warm fridge at 2:00p. School ends at 1:30. Between sclepping snacks, picking up cups, working in time to wash them and let them air dry. Helping with centers, diaper changes, snacks, lunches, running errands for teachers, I am pooped. And really at times I think I'm more a hindrance than a help. One of our new teachers, Priscilla, the niece of Margie, is amazing. I go in to help and really that girl has got it goin'. She is amazing. Wednesday I peeked in to help with getting out lunch and she was already sitting down with them, had them circled around the table, calm, clean, amazing. I told her she was abnormal. So I went across the hall where chaos was in full swing. "Awww.... this is more like it." I thought I had a pretty good schedule worked out and then remembered I need to work in Library time to get books around. But, atleast it's busy and the day goes by. I have some little friends over in KDO (Kid's day out) that I don't get to see but, maybe I can work in a trip over now and then. I do love my job and am glad to be back. My house is suffering terribly. The living room is a wreck but, thankfully that is because there is a wall going up! Tom started on it while Audrey and I were in Houston. Can't wait til he gets it in place and can add the bookcase.
So today I praise the rain and thank God for soaking our dry country.
Well the Marios are on attack through the house catching stars and squishing mushrooms I'd better go put up the defenses.

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Kim H. said...

Amster --

I'm a bad bloggy friend as I haven't popped over lately. I don't know how you do it all -- but I'm impressed that you're finding the blessing in all this RAIN. I'm SO OVER IT!!! I think we must be stuck under that same system.

At any rate, keep plugging away and juggling like you do. Thank you for always being such an inspiration to us other mommy's.

And I missed in your last post your cyber martini cheers. If we lived close, all you'd have to do would be to clang the glasses outside your doors and I'd come running. :)