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Tuesday, September 29, 2009

A Day with Mom

Just what I needed. I day spent with my Mom. We didn't really 'do' anything. We wondered around Hobby Lobby. Talked about some ideas. I got yarn to finish a couple of projects. We visited my brother and his wife. Chandra and her chickens CRACK...ME...UP!
Mom and I ate mexican food for lunch. Picked up groceries and then it was time to get kids. Ofcourse today I forgot Audrey stays after school for skippers. Mom and I had gone in to school to see the new lobby area. I visited with a fellow Mom. Saw a little girl from Joseph's class last year who was looking for their K teacher. Then started to realize my kids weren't around. Where could they be? Would Audrey bring them through the school or around the side? Hmmm.... OH SNOT! The boys are still in the cafeteria waiting to be picked up. Audrey goes to the gym! Just incase my mother doesn't already think I'm a flake I needed to confirm it for her.
I'm enjoying catching up on several of my bloggy friends.
I love seeing the new little babies and then hearing the good progress of the pregnancies of others. We just welcomed two baby girls to two bloggy families. And wait patiently for the two little boys due after the first of the year. Well, Nikki, I guess I should say 3 little boys. Hoping Baby Joseph's paperwork is all soon approved and the process of his adoption goes quick.
Well, it's back to the preschool tomorrow. So I'm off to finish up a few things and head to bed.

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Cynthia @An Accomplished Woman said...

Oh I hope my daughter lives close to home when she finally gets married and moves to her own home. How fun!!