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Wednesday, October 28, 2009


I am trying to be more positive. So far I am flunking terribly. I got a lesson from Audrey today. It is mid semester conference time. I have meet with 2 of the 4 teachers. Yesterday the sheet came home to schedule James'. They give a list of times over about a 4 day period that the teacher is available. You choose 3 times that would work for you and rank them 1-2-3. I've usually gotten my 1 or 2 choice. I like mid morning on days off or lunch or during the school day. Well the teacher didn't have that many that would work for me so I chose 2 lunch time times and one for 7:15a on Friday. Yep, I got 7:15a on friday. Ugh. I was moaning about it and Audrey said "Well atleast we'll be in our pajamas and won't have to do alot." Thanks to Drug Awareness week the kids have been pumped every morning to get dressed up. Having their stuff picked out the night before has been very helpful. It doesn't always work during the regular weeks because they change their mind by morning. Anyway, like Audrey said. "If you have to have a 7:15a conference what better day than pajama day!" Then I have to come home and get ready for Trunk or Treat at my school. AUGH I just realized that Friday is also Pops Concert for William's class. So these kids are going to be singing and dancing in their pajamas?!
I don't Do Halloween. I decorate a little and get costumes and enjoy taking the kids Trick or Treating but other than that, Nope, It's just not my holiday. I'm catching flack at work because I've been telling them I don't intend to dress up. Who knows I might come up with something fun. We'll see.
James' is having a better week at school this week. Thank goodness. William has been singing Christmas songs in preparation for Scrooged. Joseph is a toot. Audrey is making me nuts. She does her homework fairly independently. I have to keep asking what she has going on so I don't get surprised. However she'll still pull one out her hat. Oh, Mom, I need yada yada yada for tomorrow. AUGH.
We had a garage sale Saturday. I made about 100.00. That was nice. Tom and I listened to the Tech vs Aggie game on the radio. Thank God it wasn't televised. I have no idea what happened at that game but I can tell you it wasn't the Red Raiders I know and love that played in it.
Ok. I gotta get off the computer. We have religion class tonight and this year the Sac Prep kids have lessons to do at home with parents. I'm going to try and do them with William on Wednesdays to help us keep up. So far we haven't done a single one and have 3 to catch up on. I like this plan though I think it is great that parents take a more active role in their kids religious ed. I always love the comments "That's not my job." Like when was the last time you saw a Sunday School/Religious Ed teacher paid?
Ok. I'm off. Catch ya' later.

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Mythreesons said...

I'm going to be a pirate and YES if I have to look STUPID all day SO DO YOU! Do you hear me???????? Dress like the octo mom and strap on 8 of Audrey's Babies around your waist!!!!