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Thursday, October 15, 2009

Love 'em or Toss em'

This is the question. William has been a jewel lately. Reading when I need him to. Studying his spelling words, taking out trash and doing chores the first time I ask. Ok. Love him -----Keep him.
Joseph- Knows his spelling words like a whiz. Fights me tooth and nail to study them. Seriously? 5 minutes and you're done kid. Same with reading his books. AUGH!
Yesterday teacher reports he smarted off to a substitute "I don't have to listen to you. You aren't my teacher." Then played a little game of I'll get by the Librarian in the hall way while she was keeping kids back from being run over by book carts. My suggestion - Next time let him go. He's been flattened by 3 different shopping carts and hasn't learned yet to watch where he's going.
Toss him? Keep him? Give him another change? Guess I'll keep him.
JAMES! - funny-He took an AR test yesterday. Made a 40. Teacher e-mails me. Don't panic if you see this on the website. He took the test in Spanish. He can retake tomorrow. I find out later the test was on a book he refused to finish reading. So I guess 2 out of 5 correct and in spanish. Not bad. THEN-last night at religion class......I was at the Sacrament Prep class for parents. The director gets a text from her office. Kerr boy in the office. AUGH. He had made 2 different trips to the bathroom. THEN was standing on top of the table. Really? standing on top of the table? Really? I'm going with Toss on this one. He's about to be the death of me! But his teacher says he's cute. :) augh!
Well time to take the darlin's to school and tackle another day of picture taking. Today is at my preschool so hopefully since the kids know me it will go fast. Then teacher conf with Joseph's teacher. Regular mid semester check-up.
Love ya'

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