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Saturday, November 28, 2009

Black Friday

All is good here. JJ and I made our early 'deer hunting' adventure to the big Black Friday sales. We visited Wal-Mart, Walgreens, Sams, Hastings, the Mall, and Family Christian. The crowds weren't bad at all. Everyone was nice and helpful. I got pretty much everything I went for. And the best part I didn't pick up that much extra stuff. I did a really good job watching the pocket book. I tend to come home with lots of 'cool the kids would love that' items. But I guess several years of days like yesterday evening have trained me. As I lay on the sofa trying to catch a few winks I hear 'oh that's cool. I want THAT.' as they watch tv. And ofcourse it is never what I have stashed in the garage. JJ says that's when you start dropping subliminal messages. "Yeah that's cool but wouldn't a wind up purple elephant be so much better. " :)
Don't worry no purple elephants here. I did grab a guitar to go with their grow band instruments. I almost got the anti gravity cars at 15.00 each for the boys. This is why we have our BFFs with us. She stopped me. thanks Jay.
I need a few gift cards and a couple more things for the kids and I'm done. I figure the cards can be purchased after next weeks paycheck.
Plans for today. Take kids out shopping, scratch that looking. Get better ideas of what these cool things are. Put up outdoor decorations since tomorrow we are finally due a real cold front that will last days and hopefully with moisture. YEAH! The boys want to put up their tree but their room is a long way from tree ready. We'll see how far they get today. Tom has deadline of next weekend to get all the living room work done that he can before I shut the project down so I can decorate. We'll see how far we get. If sheetrock can get up on the final section of wall then I might delay decorations so I can get texture up. Who knows.
Hoping for a successful day of accomplishments.
Happy Saturday Friends.

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