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Wednesday, November 25, 2009


First Graders have been learning what will float and what won't. We had intended to work on our boats this past weekend. Saturday got away from us then we stayed at the Farm til after 5pm. Got home and promptly forgot. Monday the boys come home "We need to make boats!" So we got busy finding water bottles and wood and tape. All things they said they needed. They did alot of the work or told me what to do. Success. Our boats floated. My eyeglasses however don't float. The yarn came off James' boat. I knelt down to get his boat. I had on my Rx sunglasses and my eyeglasses were on my shirt. plunk. in the water they went. But they were laying on a little ledge, right there. So I layed down a bit and got lower. As I reached they went farther. As I reached I felt my leg come up. "OH S*^~! I'm about to go in the water." Thanks to Floyd grabbing my foot, I didn't. Retrieved my glasses and all was good. We are spending $$ on living room lighting right now. I don't have extra to get new glasses. yet.
Floyd's job is to keep me out of trouble. He was one of our amazing Dad helpers on the t-ball team. He kept me from stringing up little boys on more than one occasion. He's a keeper Mina.

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