Christmas 2013

Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Morning Funny

This morning Joseph was looking through the Target toy ad. It was fun to hear him work on learning how much stuff cost. William sees a robot like one he had a few years ago.
"Look that's like my robot." William
"Yep, the one James stuck up his nose." Mom
"OH! This is not good." Joseph
"Mom I can get the robot and not let James stick the helmet up his nose."

William had taken the robot apart to see how it works. go figure. An antena thing broke off the helmet. The same summer we had Joseph with a broken arm James stuck the toy up his nose. Even with day surgery to look for it it was never found but, we know it was there because it left marks.

So the question remains. Will Santa brave getting another 10.00 robot and bringing it to the Herd Home ?!?


Aussie Therese said...

I think Santa should bring another robot.

Anonymous said...

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Sydney said...

Alex (4 years old) will not let me throw out the three toy ads we've gotten. We have 2 of the Target ads (one from the mail, one from the Sunday paper), one from a store called "Fleet Farm" and one from Toys R Us. He's definitely narrowed down his requests. And it's hilarious to hear him talk about not wanting "the girl toys."