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Sunday, December 20, 2009

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Merry Christmas! The final countdown week is here. The last two weeks of school were busy. Scrooge consumed alot of my time and I Loved IT! These kids are so talented and just plain wonderful. If you follow me on FB or see me in real life you are probably down right tired of me bragging on the kids. I apparently go on and on so much that one lady asked if I was Joseph's mom. No not my little Joseph. The Joseph who played Scrooge. Um, no, my son is William, one of the little urchins/school kids you saw a glimpse of every now and then. :}

Ghost of Christmas Past got Joseph.

The little Urchin Kid.

We had Christmas parties at the kid's elementary and at my preschool.

Yesterday Audrey started feeling bad and stayed in bed all day. Mainly head stuff, I think. Joseph began running fever and had really bad brain hurts(headaches). This morning at 1am William came down with a case of the squirts and isn't happy about having to run to the bathroom every 20 minutes. James has not shown any symptoms or had any complaints.

Tom has had a busy week a the office. City Hall is about to be completely remodeled. There is a vacant office building downtown they have rented for awhile. So he has spent the last two weeks packing and unpacking.

I finally recieved my Pioneer Woman cookbook and have been experiementing. I also have developed a strong desire to have a shiny metal spatula and little milk green looking ramakan bowls. Also want a definition for ramaken bowl.

Basketball practices have started. J&J are on a team together and their coach is the baseball coach at our local University. The coach's wife is the b-ball coach for the women b-ball team at our University. Haven't seen Sally at a practice but have a feeling the ASU b-ball season has something to do with that. Kevin and Sally have a daughter William's age and a son J&J's age. They are great people. However I am thinking I will need to start a beer rotation among the parents. Every practice a different parent brings Kevin a beer. God Bless Him.
FInally got all my Christmas cards out.

If you aren't getting one I"m sorry. I either don't have your address or just plain got bogged down with my list.

Here is a copy of our letter and the picture we included has is the picture at the top of the blog.

Dear Family & Friends, 2009
We pray you are all healthy and happy. We are proud to report that currently we are all well. We keep the big red truck filled with gas and go, go, go. When we are home we are working on the living room. There is a light at the end of the tunnel. We have had fun working together on this project. The joys of remodeling an older home are endless. It’s like a treasure hunt, you never know what new surprise is lurking behind the next turn. Tom has another word for it but we’ll refrain from printing that here.
The kids ended their year at Santa Rita and all advanced to the next level. James & Joseph made it out of Kindergarten without too much damage being done. Audrey has started her 5th grade year and is sad that she will soon be moving on to middle school. William has found books he enjoys reading so the struggle to reach his AR goals of 2nd grade have eased up a bit. James and his teacher have a good working relationship. James’ class and the Kindergartners will be moving into the newly remodeled classrooms soon. We are most excited. Joseph is loving first grade. He and his teacher are a hoot together. Their favorite activity is Rockin’ Friday. Our music teacher and PE Coach host a different grade level each Friday from 3p-6p for fun and food. It is quickly becoming Mom’s favorite activity too. However she hasn’t yet convinced Mr. O and Coach to keep 5th, 2nd and 1st all at the same time. :)
We didn’t take a big vacation this summer. The $$ and time have gone into the house. William spent the month of June at theatre camp here in town. He went everyday from 9a-4p. The end of the month they put on the Beauty and the Beast musical. William had a lot of fun and decided to tryout for Scrooge. He was accepted and has been rehearsing since September. He mainly has group or chorus roles. He is enjoying himself so who knows this might be his ‘thing’. All three boys have signed up for YMCA basketball. Those games will start after the holidays. Audrey enjoyed a fun campout sleepover for her birthday in June. She also attended several ballet camps at her ballet school, Butterfly Ballet Academy. She has improved so much over the last year. May 2010 they will perform the Peter Pan ballet. All Tinker Belle’s friends will be in the play. Audrey was given the role of Rosetta. She and Mommy went on a Girl Scout trip over Labor Day weekend. They slept at the NASA Space Center in Houston. It was a very exciting experience. Tom took a trip to Laughlin with his buddy Jack in August. As soon as he got home Amy ditched him for an over night trip to Dallas to attend the Women of Faith Conference. She got to meet singing star Mandisa and was totally thrilled.
Tom is still with the City of San Angelo as the Water Utilities Director. As if we don’t have enough moving around and rearranging going on at home they are currently moving their offices into a temporary location while City Hall is remodeled.
Amy accepted a part time job at St. Luke’s Child Development Center. She loves the ladies she works with and the kids are pretty fun too. Amy is a floater/aide. It is an exciting job that changes all the time, sometimes hourly.
The blog is still updated as often as possible and Amy is also on Facebook, Amy Eggemeyer Kerr, wanna’ be friends?

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I too had a very busy last couple weeks with my Rugrats.

Merry Christmas to you and yours!