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Saturday, January 23, 2010


I love my job. Not alot of stress and pretty darn perfect for a High I personality who requires a fair bit of appreciation and petting. I truly do enjoy helping with craft projects, making copies, watching the kids, talking to parents, even schleping cheeseballs and apple juice. Not real crazy about cleaning up barf, pooh, and runny noses but we have to keep things in perspective. :)
Audrey working on Child Care Girl Scout badge this morning. 3 little boys - 2 of which are from my school and I am thrilled to have them coming over, are coming to do fun things with Audrey and her friend Gabi.
William and Tom at basketball game. J&J attempting to work together to conquer the world of Star Wars Wii. Their game is at 2pm today. There is a light rain falling and all I want to do is curl up with my crochet. The boys have realized it is raining and they won't be able to go out and continue to drag boards into the tree.
Girl Scout cookies are taking over my office area and I have already eaten more than my yearly allowance.
Well kids will be here soon and I should still get a few things done.

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