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Sunday, January 17, 2010

Loads of FUN!

Wow! We've been busy. Audrey is working on a child care badge in Girl Scouts. She is so excited about it she's making me nuts! Thursday while helping her and her friend start their outline the boys were outside building a fort. See slideshow.
Friday we had a very nice slow rain alllll day. Saturday boys had basketball pictures before their games. William's game was first. I didn't get to see all of it because Audrey and I had to leave to help pick up the troops girl scout cookies and deliver them to her house. Then Audrey rode with the leader to the mall for a fun cookie kick off event. Mom & Dad were in town and picked her up for me. Tom and I got my BIL's truck and picked up our new entertainment console and ottoman. Returned truck and made it back to the gym in time for J&J's pictures and game. After our crazy whirl wind day we ate out at Chili's. Gotta love that Beer on Draft. awww.....
This morning we were all up early and decided to attend 9am Mass. Walter, one of our two Deacons in Training(I know they have a more formal name but I like Deacon in training or Deacon Wanna be.) He delivered the Homily this morning and was amazing! I'm even more excited in the fact that he and Freddy (the other deacon wanna be) borrowed my video camera to record their homilies. So now I have it on DVD too. Can't wait til Freddy's turn next week. These guys are so wonderful. We are very blessed to have them in our Parish family.
Audrey was picked up by her Aunt and little cousin Katelyn. She is spending the night with them. The boys had fun playing in the box from the entertainment center. see slide show. Tom got all the 'boxes' hooked up and set up in the new center. The only thing that would have made the day better is if the Cowboys had won. :( Tomorrow schools are closed for MLK day. Tom is off work as well. We are most happy. The weather is to be beautiful for the week. So we are back to knuckling down on the remodel. Wish us luck!
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