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Monday, February 22, 2010

Life is Good

Friday I attended an afternoon school performance of Deep in the Heart, presented by San Angelo Broadway Academy. These kids are so totally awesome. I love them all. Then Friday night Mom and I took Audrey and William to the play Once Upon a Mattress. GG (we have decided to us GG instead of OMG. Audrey says that it means Oh My Goodness but we told her not everybody understands it that way. We decided to go with GG- Golly Gee!) So, GG, that was one great performance. Several kids from SABA were in the performance. And then William saw several of the big kids in the audience. They way they smile at him, hug him, call him out by name thrills me to my soul. The girl who played the queen was Belle in Beauty and the Beast last summer. She sees us after the show. Calls out William's name and opens her arm for him to come hug him. I LOVE THESE KIDS! I love the positive encouraging role models they are. Ok. I'm done, for now.
Nice Saturday. We enjoyed visiting the fairgrounds at the rodeo. I waited too late to consider going to a rodeo performance. The only tickets available at times we could attend were in the rafters. No thanks. The weather was wonderful.
Sunday afternoon was Thinking Day for Girl Scouts. Troops set up booths representing different countries. Our troop chose France this year. The girls did an awesome job.
Today was back to school. James brought home his conduct grade from last week. S+. Yippie!!! That is the best. No strips pulled all week. William had basketball practice, Audrey worked on a school report with a friend, Tom picks up William, I get Audrey and take her to the International Dinner. Girl Scouts again. She got to hold the 5? 6? week old daughter of a friend. She was thrilled. And Allyson being such a sweetie pie made it oh so much sweeter for her. Then on the way home she berated me for not having friends with babies that lived closer by. She says "Why do all your friends with babies have to live in like China?" I informed her that Nikki and her China babies and her new baby, Gabriel, live in Ohio. Baby Joseph is in Australia, Baby Alex is in Wisconsin. Still too far. But I did remind her that a friend of hers just had a baby girl. A girl(lady. married with 2 girls already) who is in ballet with Audrey had a baby girl. I'm sure Emily will bring the baby by for some ballet lovin'.
Well, Tom is recording Ice Dancing for me so I best go visit with him. Kids are all tucked in bed with visions of snow and delayed school in their dreams. We had sun and highs approaching the 70's this weekend. Today was high around 41. Tonight in the 20's with a chance of 2-4 inches of snow. :) One of my favorite lines from Deep in the Heart ( A play about Texas) is "I hate it when people say they don't like Texas because we don't have 'seasons'. Shoot, just last Tuesday we had 3."!! Could that be any truer?

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