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Thursday, May 27, 2010

The Life of the Herd!

Oh My! Oh My! The quick version of what we've been up to: My BFF's 40th b-day, baseball, ballet, theatre classes, girl scouts, end of year at preschool, 5th grade graduation, t-shirt quilt, field trips, hair cuts, William Confirmation/First Communion, Church Festival, school dance, and some where in there feed the family and be sure they have clean clothes. Have I ever mentioned I hate laundry.

Longer Version. My BFF for the past 36 years turned 40 on Friday the 14th of May. I started celebrating on Monday. A couple of other teachers at the preschool where we both work, helped me decorate her room. I had all kinds of different 'prank' type gifts to leave in her room on various days. I baked her the Orange Marmalade Cake from the Father Tim-Midford Series Books. It was delic' if I say so myself. We had a bang up good time that evening at the same place I had my party. I gathered money from friends and family of hers and purchased a kindle for her. (one of those electronic pad things that you upload books to.) She loves...loves...loves to read and wanted one so bad she couldn't see straight. We have enough trouble with our eyes as it is so I wanted to help her to start seeing straighter. :) I collected enough to get the kindle, a case for it and $40.00 extra for her to upload books with. The next morning we had rehearsal for Peter Pan (see smilebox below) all 4 kids participated in the ballet that evening. I volunteered to help put together the flower tributes that the academy sells. I had 3 dozen 3rose bouquets and 2 dozen 4stem orchid bouquets in my house for a couple of days. I put together little flower arrangements in school mugs for the kids' teachers. End of school at preschool included a Water Day. After that day Water Day moved to the top of the list of my least favorite days at preschool. I was pooped. William had a small end of year play for his theatre class and J&J had a small play for the end of their class too. They were all so cute. We have had baseball games almost twice a week. We attended the SABA(San Angelo Broadway Academy-the studio the boys attend) production of FAME. Amazing!! Boys are all signed up to part of the cast for Jungle Book in July. Audrey had an end of year dinner for her Girl Scout Troop. We will be leaving at 9am this Saturday for an overnight sleepover at Sea World in San Antonio. I am really excited about that. She also had end of year performance awards at the Ballet Academy. The twins have been studying birds the last two weeks of school. James' teacher is an avid bird watcher. The boys have really gotten into it. In a small town nearby there is a ranch that has several different birds that migrate through. Namely humming birds. They had a field trip there this week. They also visited the state park and had a pizza party in another town park. Lots and lots of fun. Audrey made a catapult for a project in her class. They had a water balloon fight yesterday at school. We have a wonderful little park near a small creek right next to the school. You might have seen pics from the boys boat float. Graduation will be there tomorrow morning. There was a dance today with black lights and neon. OH! And the QUILT! How could I forget. Mom helped me get them cut out and started. I took 15 of Audrey's school shirts and made them into a quilt. It turned out pretty good. I wish I had started earlier and made a 'test' quilt first. But I figure this way she'll always know it was made by her quirky/lopsided Mom. Well time to feed the family and get some clothes folded. Hoping to get to the blog world more this summer. I really do like having my memories/thoughts here. Big Hugs.

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