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Thursday, May 27, 2010

Pictures! Finally!!

Well. How dense am I. Goes to show it's been too long since I've posted a smilebox to the blog. Tried to post these two when I made them two weeks ago. Couldn't make it work. The paste button didn't show up. augh....Today finally noticed I needed to be in edit html and not compose. again...augh~!~
The ballet was beautiful. The auditorium at the college became unavailable for us. The director of the Academy had to scurry to find a location. We were given the pavillion downtown. The city wasn't able to provide a stage because they were all spoken for. No matter. Our girls made the best of it and were BEAUTIFUL. Audrey danced like an angel. She was Rosetta the fairy. I was crying like a baby when she danced. Then when all the girls in her age group (5) danced and were in sequence with each other. Boo...Hoo... came the tears again. Our Peter Pan is a Senior. I was afraid we were loosing her. Not entirely. She is going to college here and will still be around. Enjoy the pics.

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