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Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Summer! Let it BEGIN!!!!

Summer got off to a little rocky start. I had radiator trouble in San Antonio with the Girl Scout Troop. Thanks to our Leader's Husband, Troop Dad and the friends of a fellow mom on the trip we got a tow and a new radiator by 8p that night. Thought we might have to wait til Tuesday to get a radiator even ordered! Thanks to Justice, the friend, being a go getter and not giving up he found a place that took care of me and were open on Sunday for us to pick up the truck after our sleepover at SeaWorld. We had a great time. Audrey left our little camera in the car so we have to wait to get a disk from a friend before I can upload pictures.
I made a chore chart for the kids and a daily schedule to keep them in line. It gives time for pool and reading and fun and chores. THey did real well yesterday and are getting at it today.
Thanks to Cynthia at Accomplished Woman - click on side bar button- Audrey and William have decided on themes for their swim party birthdays. They want to have a small type of candy bar so we have found some candies and i will make their cakes this year to help with the cost.
Well have been a bit too relaxed and sidetracked this morning. Better get after it.
xoxo Amy

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