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Thursday, June 10, 2010


We are enjoying our Summer. The kids are embracing their chore chart and getting better at it every day. Audrey's room is finally livable again. She still has drawers and bookselves to sort but she's plugging along.
This is birthday month for both Audrey and William. William will turn 9 next Tuesday. We have the party planned for the pool. Tables are reserved and cookie cake ordered.
Audrey spent time with my Mom the last two days. She learned how to crochet and sewed a new top. I was really impressed. Once Audrey learns some basics hopefully I can step in and help. My patience level goes to zero sometimes when trying to teach things like that to her. Me being left handed and her right doesn't help either.
I finished an apron for my c0-worker. I had received an apron with my name embroidered on it from my secret pal at work. Elizabeth was so jealous. The apron is a full apron and easy peasy to cut a pattern from. So I did and made one for her. She was thrilled. She was working in the baby room at the preschool summer camp and had her hands full. I took my camera in but in the chaos forgot to get a picture of her in it. I have enough material to make another one so I will make one for me and then get a pic of us together in our aprons.
She will be going to Louisiana the last part of summer camp so I will take over for her next week. The preschool I work at has a summer camp on Tues and Thurs in June and July. The little extra $$ will sure help. Medical bills, car repairs and new tires, groceries....augh are eating my lunch. Add planning two birthday parties into the mix and the belt tightens even more.
Well. It has become very quiet around here. I best find out what the little helpers are up to. Not up to. I think they still have a few chores to finish before they can 'rest'. I'm such a slave driver. :)


Mum2eight said...

Happy Birthday to Audrey and Willian. Amelia turned 9 last month.

I am glad you are having a fun summer. We are all freezing over here and I cannot wait for Spring. I am enjoying our gas heater though.

De'Etta @ Choosing Joy said...

Happy belated birthday to Audrey and William. I love Audrey's photo in your blog header. Glad to hear you are having a good summer.