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Friday, June 18, 2010

Week Review

Tuesday the kids and I started our two weeks at Camp St. Luke. The preschool I work at has a Tues/Thurs program in June and July for 18months - 5th grade. There aren't enough older kids signed up to warrent having an adult floater. There are extra big big kids around to help with the smaller ones. That is good. My co-floater has been working in what I fondly call 'Baby World'. 18months - 2 1/2 year olds. They are great but 20 0f them is hard. The two teachers we have there are really good too. So the boys went to classes and Audrey and I went to Baby World. Audrey has loved it. I've been working my tail off in the kitchen/feeding area. We were there this week and next week while Elizabeth-my co-floater, is off visiting family.
Tuesday William celebrated his 9th birthday party at the pool. After the party William and two friends came to the house. Audrey begged a night over at the neighbors and the twins went to the farm. And Dude...the three boys had the house and room to themselves. Dude. That's great, Dude. And Dude....if I hear the word Dude that much again I will like totally roll over Dude. Then Wednesday we took JJ's son home to their house in the country. William hung out with them while Audrey and I picked up the twins at the farm. Then we went back to JJ's for fun and visiting. It was so very nice. Yesterday was another day in Baby World and then a funeral. The Memorial Service for Wendy was very very nice. She touched many many lives and I was glad to be one of them. I picked up and sat with my new friend Abbie. I am so excited to have her down the street from me. And am glad I was there with her during the service. She was one of the ladies at the game and later at the hospital with Wendy. After the sevice several of the Santa Rita(our elementary school) gals went to a local place for drinks and pizza. My wonderful, amazing, totally in budget mode and not paying attention to the world around him Husband completely forgot what I was doing yesterday evening and when I called to tell him I was going with the girls and asked if he could go home and relieve mom he says 'yea. i'll be home soon. ok.' and stupid me takes that as he'll be going home and all is well. Thankfully i called mom and hour later to learn that Tom hadn't showed up and so i left Abbie in the hands of other friends and went home to let my Mom go. I had promised the kids a trip to the pool so we went out and were there til 8:30 last night. very nice. Today it is hustle it up and get this house back in order. The chore chart for the summer has been working nice but slacked terribly this week. Toy Story 3 starting today is great leverage. Joseph has been reminding me alllll week that Toy Story 3 starts on Friday. I am barely in the kitchen this morning when he starts reminding me.
Well. I better get off the computer and get them moving. Big Hugs.
I love you all. Where ever you are. Remember that today is a gift not a guarantee. Thank God for all your Blessings.
xoxo Amy

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