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Wednesday, July 14, 2010

GIRL WEEKEND!!!*******Retreat!

This past weekend My friends Michealle and JJ came over and we took off for Kyle Texas near Austin. We stayed two night at the home of our friend Dina. We have all been friends since 7th Grade. Time/Family/Distance had taken over and we kept intouch but not real close. Thanks to FaceBook and us all turning 40, we have been in real close contact and keeping up with each other. It's wonderful. It was really a Retreat for us. We are already hoping to get together in November and then again next Summer. Michealle - blonde, had us gathering for pictures all weekend. It was fun. For a short thing she has long arms. We had Dina's son take photos of us too. He did a really good job. This is Michealle's long arm photo. she can get us all in.

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