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Monday, July 26, 2010

Summer Wind Down.

I am really not ready for school to start. We have had a pretty lazy summer and I am liking it. The boys have been busy with Jungle Book since the 12th of July. This week they are going from 9a-4p M-TH in preparation for the show opening Friday night. They will have a run through Friday morning and then stage call at 5p. They are loving it.
Audrey has been spending time with family and friends. She has worked at the preschool some too. She will start ballet intensive next week. I got my Laundry room cleaned up. whoo! hoo! I am goingto do something amazing and grand in the living room before school starts. I swear I am. I just have to suck it up and get to it. I'm gonna do it....really I am..... I hate the prep. If I could come in and everything is cleaned out and plastic hung and my supplies all at my finger tips that would be grand. But, I'm gonna do it....really I am...
I currently have some projects for work and the boys elementary school parent organization that I need to work on. Those meetings are starting to get under way and all that wonderful 'stuff' I was going to work on is now due.
Tom has the new computer working really well. It's getting info from the old to the new that's the hang up. Rebuilding my e-mail list is a pain. The old computer is officially out and I know I have a printed copy...somewhere?????
So it goes. Well, I'm off to see what kind of amazing documents I can create. Summer countdown is upon us. Enjoy what is left.

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