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Friday, August 13, 2010

On the Count Down......

Things are rockin' along around here. We finished up Jungle Book and spent a week of recovering/being lazy/swimming etc...... Last week we got movin' a little bit more. Audrey attended 3 mornings of the week at her Ballet Academy for a summer intensive course. It really helped her out. She will have two weeks off now til classes start again. My Mom spent several weeks in VA with my sister helping her get her new house put together. Mom brought my nephew home so we spent alot of time with them. We took a trip to Abilene Zoo.

Me and my Zoo Animals.

Last Friday I lost my mind for awhile. When I got it back we discovered that my body had taken the boys out to a friends place and brought home these three little darlings.
Itty Bitty, Angel, and Baghera

We are happy that Daddy is a kitty person. Ofcourse it was him that called and said Jack was ready to give away the last of what was hangin' around his place. And it's not like Tom didn't remind me weekly that Jack had kittens.

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