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Friday, August 13, 2010


This week I decided I am tired of this look......
And this.......
So I started adding texture to the wall. Just attacked it. Decided I couldn't possibly do that horrible of a job.

I did the area around the big windows and this wall between the living room and study/office. Not bad. With texture on the wall I couldn't control myself. And living less than a mile from Sherwin Williams doesn't help. I went over and purchased a 5.00 little bucket of paint. I have decided to compromise on the living room wall color and go with something light and well....the paint color actually has the word 'beige' in it. augh! And this picture makes the swatch I put on the wall look really terrible. It's not that bad and next to the extra white semi-gloss trim on the windows it looks pretty good. Once the ceiling is painted a cream color. White Ceilings Are Not ALLOWED! Well, not any more in my house. I have several that will be delt with in the future but from here on out no lids on the rooms. I will go one color lighter than this. I am thinking of going one color darker for that area inside the cubbie where the tv is. What do you think?

Here are the windows that I still love. They don't have any paint around them...yet. Just texture that atleast isn't all spotty looking and GROSS. and GRAY.

So now I'm off to finish off that little sliver area above the bar. Over the weekend I intend to have Tom help me take down the tv and clean out that cubby area and work on it. So. Away we go. By George this place has got to start looking more like a home and less like a construction zone.

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Faith, Trust, and a Little Pixie Dust said...

Hi Amy, This is going to be so pretty when it's done! By the way, I'm making sure all my followers know about a giveaway on my blog. Hop on over if you want to enter!
Warmly, Michelle