Christmas 2013

Friday, December 24, 2010

Christmas Preparation

And this is just what I have pictures of.  There are no pictures of me wrapping gifts, Audrey & her grandma cleaning out her room, the twins making sugar cookies (I know...looser mom on that one). See below for the pictures of Seussical that dominated our life for nearly 2 weeks. There are no pictures of me cleaning house or doing laundry or finally filling out Christmas cards. I cut my list way down this year. I just had to.
All in all we have had a fairly nice Advent Season.  I am thankful that we are all healthy.  I suffered from a sinus infection the second week of December but thanks to good drugs I got over that.  
Most of the laundry is done. The floors are mopped and the furniture dusted.  A person is able to walk into the boys room, Audrey's room is fantastic-thanks to her grandmother, and the bathroom doesn't stink. So bring on the family. Tom's brother and his family will join us for dinner and Mass this evening.  Tomorrow morning we enjoy Santa gifts then out to the farm for Christmas with my parents, brother & his wife.  
So now I am off to start a roast and review recipes for cornbread stuffing.  First attempt flopped but I think I know what went wrong. I'm ready to try again. 
Enjoy your Holiday.  
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