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Sunday, January 9, 2011

Christmas Wrap UP

Hello. Howdy. Ho.
Christmas is safely wrapped up and returned to the attic...well....most of it.  There are still a few boxes and the trees in the carport that need to make their way up the ladder but I just don't have it in me.  That and I have found that a glass (or 2 or 3) of red wine help me to figure out the ins and outs of Adobe Photoshop. I have been working on photoshop alot today. :)
The kids and I are all back to our prospective schools and very excited to be back. (part of our positive thinking resolution for the new year!)
Some are not as excited as others but so be it. 
The 3rd 6weeks ended just as we got out of school in December.  This past week the kids brought home their report cards. Straight A's across the board alllll 4 boards! I am so very proud of these kiddos.  They really do work hard to get their work done. 
I was excited to get back to preschool and see all my big girl friends and all my little friends.  By Thursday I was ready for a break. :)
However, the school district has a vacation day on the 17th of January.  THEN~ ! ~ My adorable husband is taking me to New Orleans! He surprised me with a trip for our 15th Anniversary.  In my stocking was an itinerary all ready booked with airfare and hotel for the 20th - 23rd of January.  I really was in so much shock I could barely react.  He thought I was disappointed.  When in reality I was just so thankful the paper didn't say a refrigerator was being delivered.  Ours had gone out but my brother in law had been able to fix it. (after 6 days of trying to decide what was wrong then waiting on a part. I don't recommend living 6 days with a family of 6 and no frig.) But it only cost us $20.00 and all was well.  However, in that 6 days we had looked at ALOT of fridges.  Tom had gotten pretty attached to a couple of them.  I just figured the paper in my stocking was an order form saying the new fridge would be here later in the week. YEA me! it was a trip minus 4 adorable kids, to New Orleans!! He booked the air and hotel and did alot of research.  He knows alot about the layout, jazz, places of interest and FOOD already.  We've never been.  He has even....and you won't believe this.....has researched SPAs for me to go to. Cool huh? I think I might just book a massage and perhaps a manicure.
I am getting really excited.  I only have 7 more work days/10 regular days to go til we leave.  Yippy! Am already thinking 'I can go ahead and pack this and this and perhaps this....'
Also realizing, based on comments from husband, that a few breakdowns strategically placed in the months, can lead to a trip.  I am wondering how many more breakdowns/fits I can plan, have, schedule, um accidentally just occur, this next year to score like a 7 day cruise next anniversary? :)  One of the fun things about this trip is how excited Tom is about it.  He loves Cajun/seafood and Jazz.  I love French 'stuff', food(pretty much anything), music, and well, Tom. So him being happy is great and simply 3 nts away from my demons . um darlings, is a nice thing.
So enjoy our little Christmas slideshow and I'll be back soon.  My wine glass has emptied and time for a refill. I'm sad I know. But hey, it's why you keep coming back to see what I'll write next, right?
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