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Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Minor Set Back in Amazingness

Ok, in the last post I was all about all the amazing deals I got. The greatness of my family. Well....tonight I had a minor set back. 
Let me start with my husband going off to Vegas yesterday with his buddy.  Now he went with my full blessing.  I can't get away right now and Tom really needs a break.  He is having a great time and I am so happy. 
This evening between shuttling kids, doing homework, preparing a prayer for tonights religious ed class I decided to try and wash a few dishes.  NO....Hot....WATER.  I call Tom who tells me to call his brother.  Brother-in-Law (BIL) to the rescue.  He helped get me all set up.  I am so happy.  And I am also very proud of myself for taking it in stride.  We all have pot holes in our lives.  It's how we deal with them.  Now I drive the road of life at about 100mph sometimes.  So when I hit one of these potholes I can often tend to treat it like a major bridge being out.  I am trying to learn to take the jolt, deal with the neck and perhaps back pain and carry on.  Look back at the hole.  Is it the size of a baseball and I have turned it into a crater? Don't let the potholes in your life get you down.  Don't drive a little coupe with wimpy tires.  Outfit yourself with a God Mobil.  Throw some big honking 4x4 tires on that thing and hit the road.  A positive attitude and a relationship with your Creator can help so much. 
Where did that come from? I don't know.  Just felt like getting it out there and kind of liked the metaphor. 
I'm tired and looking forward to a hot bath.  Catch ya' later.

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