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Tuesday, November 30, 2010


Thanksgiving Weekend.  How was yours? Mine was GREAT! We enjoyed the time away from school.  A wonderful meal at my parent's home on the farm.  It was just my little herd and my parents this year and that was fine with us.  Stress free and all the kids sat at the BIG table with us.  I have pictures but that will have to wait. 
Black Friday! I   LOVE   BLACK FRIDAY!! It is one of the biggest social events of the year for me.  (yes I am sad but, that's ok.) This year I hit the midnight Wal-Mart start.  I decided I don't like the people who stay up late.  They are kind of crabby and I think perhaps a few had a bit too much cheer with their holiday meals.  I got in, got what I needed, avoided the crazy towel people, and got out with 3 gifts, a new crock pot, a new pair of jeans- all for less than $90. SCORE.  JJ (my BFF since we were 4) met me at my house at 5:45a.  I left her at Academy and I went to Michaels to grab a cricut for my mom.  The corporate office messed with us.  The ad had the cricut for doorbuster on Friday. But the company called the stores on Wednesday and told them to doorbuster everything on Thursday.  The cricut was advertised for $69.  They lowered it to $59.  They were all gone from the floor when I got there.  The manager said he might have some in back.  Another lady and I sent him to the back. He had 2. SCORE! Shhhh...don't tell mom.  Picked up a griddle at Target.  JJ got all the deals she was looking for 2 hours after doors opened.  I made pancakes on my new griddle Sunday morning.  I didn't burn a single one.  I was so very very happy.  Then tried to find a place to store the sucker. Not so happy.  It is still sitting on the counter waiting for a home. 
We tackled the mall.  All Joseph wants for Christmas is a Sonic hat.  Not a cap with eyes or logo mind you.  He wants the hood thing that ties under his chin and has the spikey hair things coming off it in all directions.  Started looking on line for this thing.  Found several on e-bay all going for upwards of $20.  I bid on a few and lost.  I remembered the word Game Stop was in the title of several listings.  So we stopped in to the store in the mall.  I asked the lady that I later learned is the manager.  She said the hats were a promo that was given with the preorder of a game.  But wait just a minute.  She went to the back and came back with a hat. A leftover that was just there.  She...Gave....It....To....ME! I was so very very happy! I hugged her and embarrassed JJ and Audrey (We had stopped by the house after lunch and grabbed the preteen.) I had a 40% off coupon for Meyers Drug downtown so I got myself the wireless doorbell.  I have a big red square by my front door where my doorbell should be.  Since my front door is red it doesn't stand out too bad.  Now I am just waiting for some one to come by so I can hear Christmas tunes.  Then after the season I can turn it to regular and have a doorbell again.  SCORE.
Saturday was family day and I enjoyed spending time with Tom and the kids.  Sunday my parents stopped by to measure my mailbox.  I have despised the gray post office issue mailbox since we moved in 14 1/2 years ago.  Daddy and William are going to make me a new one for Christmas.  And Daddy has this pole thing he brought in to measure with my manger.  For my Christmas decorations outside I put white lights on the tree and sit my empty manger under the tree by the front porch.  But it just hasn't had enough light on it at night.  So Daddy is going to rig this pole thing so I can put strings of light on it and highlight my manger better.  Daddy made my manger too a few years ago. 
Well, I just wanted to update and see who all is out there checking me out.  If you are new to my blog please sign on as a follower or atleast leave a comment.  If you are coming over from WELCOME!  I am so thrilled that Ami asked to spotlight me.  Thanks!
Big Hugs and may you have a Blessed Advent Season.  I'll be back soon. xoxo AmyK 

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