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Sunday, December 5, 2010


The week ahead of me is a bit scary but, if I don't get any sicker than I am, the kids stay well, the truck doesn't fall apart, and the wind blows just right, we'll make it.
Today-Sunday - Church at 11a, play rehearsal for twins at 3p. Finish Sacrament folders with twins. Audrey get big math project finished. Make a peppermint chiffon cake as an experiment to see if I can.  I plan to take one to the teacher lunch on Wednesday at my school.
Monday - 3p get boys, 4:30p William and Diamond(extra girl I had last week and will have this week. she is in Seussical and needs a lift to practices.  She is a dear and I love having her around.) to coliseum(across town) for rehearsal. 5:10p pick up Audrey at band rehearsal and take to coliseum.(jr high is very close to our home). Get William from rehearsal and take to elementary school for singing in park and lighting of lights. Then back to coliseum for rehearsal that isn't over til 9pm.
Tuesday - 3p get boys, 4p get Audrey. 4:30 deliver Seussical kids. 5:45p-get Audrey and deliver her to Band Concert. 6:30 concert. After concert back to coliseum. 9pm pick up kids.  Somewhere in there get a peppermint chiffon cake baked. Have great babysitter coming to help with twins so I can have her remove from oven if I have to.
Wednesday - Set up and clean up luncheon at preschool.  3p get boys, 4p get Audrey. 4:30 deliver Seussical kids. 6p Mass and Sacrament meeting for boys. 9pm pick up Seussical kids.
Thursday - 3p get boys, 4p get Audrey. 4:30 deliver Seussical kids. 6:15 get Audrey and various other Lee Choir girls from Seussical and take to Choir Concert. Return to coliseum when done. 9pm pick up Seussical Kids.
Friday - 7:30a twins to school, A&W to Coliseum.  Hand at coliseum and help with usher 1900 area students in to see the first performance of Seussical the Musical.  After...take kids to school or home.  3p get twins.  5:30 A&W to coliseum for 2nd show. 7:30 Show. 
Saturday - 2:00 show and 7:30p show.  Kids have to be there 2 hours ahead of time.
Sunday - Mass and 2:00p show.  Following show - Strike (everybody helps tear down and clean up.) then Cast Party.
Return home and COLLAPSE! Get some rest and get ready for the last week of school before Christmas Break. 
I needed to kid of have this all written down somewhere so I thought why not the blog. 

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