Christmas 2013

Monday, December 13, 2010


So Much FUN! I am totally inlove with the staff, volunteers, and kids of SABA.  This past show, Seussical the Musical, was AMAZING.  I want to make a really cute smile box of pictures to share.  Just haven't had time.  When I did have a free hour here or there Tom had me talking refrigerators.  Yep...Thursday our refrigerator went out.  We have been living out of an ice chest for 4 days.  My frig is in the middle of the kitchen, and it's not that big of a kitchen.  Audrey is begging for a real meal.  After several days of hot pockets, Sonic, pizza, and Schlotzky's she wants something 'real'.
Here is a quick photo of my Seussical kids.
Audrey was a bird creature in the Jungle of Nool.  William was a Who child.  They were great.  Can't wait to share my other photos.  But right now I have to fix pictures of the 3 year olds at preschool, make lunches for twins, get kids to school, get me to school, oh and I guess get out of my robe and fix my hair.
Best run.  HUGS! from the post Seussical Home of the Herd.