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Monday, August 29, 2011

Back at It

Today was my first day back at work/school.  We are gearing up for Meet the Teacher on Thursday and First Day of School Wednesday after Labor Day. I enjoyed being back in the school, back at work, back with friends. However, it was hard to receive the hugs, blessings, questions surrounding the death of my sister in law.
The hurt, in all shapes and sizes, that so many of us are feeling is soooo hard. I ache for all of our family in so many ways.
I encourage you to consider your relationships with the ones you love. Pray about them. Get close to your creator, your family, you spouse or special someone.
Do what you can and leave the big stuff to Him who made you.
Fr. Tim in the ....oh shoot....I can't believe I can't think of the name........MITFORD...Jan Karon - Mitford series books.
Fr. Tim the Episcopalian Priest. He struggles with knowing the right things to say, making sure to reach out and praying he does what God wants.  His constant prayer is Thy Will Be Done. 
Shhhh.....Listen......God is calling you, telling you, loving you, into a relationship with him. Give it to him. He will not fail you. You will wonder, you will question, you will falter, but HE is there. Trust. Faith. Hope. We must believe. We must love.
Now go...say your your active in your community....share God's love with others.
I love you.
Big Hugs and Many Blessings.

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